Our Wedding Date: July 31, 2017

Our Story

Carlos and I met on December 1st 2012. We met on a little website known by many as "match.com" We hit it off on the right foot, he was a good listerner and I talked for days! LOL. Our first date was on a Monday night, I looked like crap because I worked for 6 hours and then went to class for another 4 hours! With some convincing I accepted to meet on Monday night for the first time ever, I havent done my brows or nails tho! This was not what I had in mind for a first date BUT we made it work! We had such an amazing time chating, I could'nt sleep so we spoke the next day and met for breakfast. So technically we had 2 dates in less than 24 hours. YOU SEE I TOLD YOU I TALK FOR DAYS LOL.

But am so very happy to be annoucing our bond and sharing our story with loved ones!  We have done so many things together in short time span and I could'nt be happier than what I am now. I am in a great emotional and professinal state in my life and for the first time in forever I can hear the church bells ringing!